Viant is a blockchain-based platform for modeling business processes, tracking assets and building the supply chains of the future.

Leveraging cryptographic security and smart contracts, Viant provides organizations verifiable insights as assets are managed and propagated through the entire supply chain.


Viant is built from the ground up as an asset- and domain-agnostic platform, based on our team's experience building bespoke blockchain asset tracking solutions in the healthcare, oil and gas, and real estate industries. We learned that it was costly and time-consuming to build an application, and there was no seamless way to translate a model into a decentralized application.

Comprised of three main components — Tracker, Modeler, and Smart Builder — Viant was built to solve these challenges.


  • Real Estate

    Absence of approval and sale provenance of land/real estate can lead to long validation lead times during sale or invalid double-sales.

  • Education

    Diploma validation takes weeks/months impacting individuals, schools and corporations with both admissions and recruitment.

  • Oil & Gas

    Lost and untraced samples impact important
    business decisions and lead to costly fines for non-compliance.

  • Transportation

    Capture and reliably track vehicle telematics to unlock new business value for used car sales or inform insurance pricing and rental car management.

  • Healthcare

    Lack of vaccine provenance and administration records impact patients, donors, social workers and manufacturers.

Key Concepts

Model and track assets, and deploy smart contracts on the blockchain reliably, expediently, and economically. Perfect provenance, for all parties, in real time.

Assets & Attributes


Any physical or digital entity that requires tracking


Attributes of interest: asset (what), ownership (who), time (when), and location (where)

Business Processes & Attributes & Business Actions

Business Processes

Progression of assets through various steps of a business process is recorded on chain for lookbacks and evidence of trail

Smart contracts enforce the business process on chain curbing rogue actions

Business Actions

User or machine initiated actions that allows assets to progress from one process state to the next

Actors & Role Permissions


Users that interact with the asset to perform process actions and transform the asset from one state to next

Users that have ownership or custody of the asset

Users that participate in audit, review and attestation of the asset to validate history

Role Permissions

A class of users performing similar actions or functions are grouped into roles

Permissions to perform business actions are assigned by roles

The web interface and smart contracts enforce the permissions, preventing rogue users from tampering

Assets & Attributes Business Processes & Attributes & Business Actions Actors & Role Permissions

Main Components

Tracker Icon



Captures four pivotal aspects of an asset: Who, What, When, and Where


Provides a realtime and transparent history of the asset journey

Modeler Icon



Provides easy-to-use, web-based UI to model assets and attributes to be tracked, business processes, actors, and their permissions to business actions


Simplifies the steps involved in defining and modeling all the key aspects of asset tracking

Smart Builder Icon

Smart Builder


Auto-generates smart contracts and application UI based on models developed in the Modeler. Provides web interface for user, roles and permission management


Exponentially reduces cost and time to build and deploy asset tracking solutions on blockchain

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